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Bamu Rod
Also known as: Bomb Rod
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A whip of fire appears in the caster's hand, which can then be used to attack the enemy. The initial damage dealt is about the same as a Flare Lance, but since the caster can control the whip's movement, there is a greater chance of hitting the target, and it is possible to attack a target in ways which wouldn't be possible with a normal spell, such as swinging the whip horizontally and cutting the target. Since this spell has a variable duration, the caster can keep on attacking with the whip, another advantage over Flare Lance.

Bephis Bring (befisu buringu)
Also known as: Befis Bring, Earth Spirit Road
Category: Shamanism / Earth
By calling on the power of the earth spirit Bephimos, a tunnel is created through earth. It is possible to dig a tunnel horizontally, or to create a vertical tunnel and use it as a pit trap. However, as long as the target is made of earth, the spell works, but the spell has no effect against wooden boards or metal.

Blade Haut (bureedo hauto)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
A spell designed to supplement sword fighting. By swinging a sword, a shock wave is created along the ground, which then attacks a target. Even if the target tries to run away, the shock wave will continue following the target. A fighter-mage skilled with a sword should learn this spell.

Blast Ash (burasuto asshu)
Also known as: Brass Ash, Black Occult Field
Category: Black / Offensive
The caster makes a black void appear in a certain area, and anything alive or possessing a spirit is turned into ash. Inanimate objects such as the ground, buildings, and equipment are not affected; the spell has an effect of a relatively large area, making this one of the few black magic spells which can be used in cramped alleys and town squares.

Blast Bomb (burasuto bomu)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
The strongest fire-shamanist magic, said to be castable only by the legendary mage, Rei Magnus. When the spell is cast, balls of light about the size of a fist appear. Up to this point, the spell is similar to Flare Bit, but each ball nearly has the same destructive power as Burst Flare. This spell can not be cast by even Lina without the help of the Demon's Blood Talismans.

Blast Wave (burasuto ueivu)
Category: Black / Offensive
With a single hit, the spell can open a hole in a wall large enough for a person to pass through with ease. Even though the spell is powerful, it has two drawbacks. First, the spell can only takes effect when both hands are placed on the target. Second, the spell can only be used to destroy a single target and can't deal damage via shockwaves as other spells do. Since most mages are not skilled at physical combat, the use of this spell isn't widespread. However, the spell's effect against physical objects is absolute, making this a worthwhile spell to learn.

Bogardic Elm (bogaadikku erumu)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
Note: Calls on both Earth and Water Shamanism.
By calling on the power of the earth spirit and water spirit, the caster turns the ground into a swamp. The muddy ground makes it extremely hard to move around. When a mage has to fight against a fighter, this spell will come in handy. This is Naga's original spell which Lina didn't know about.

Bomb Di Wind (bomu di win)
Category: Shamanism / Air
By casting this spell, the caster first greatly increases the air pressure in an area, and then releases it. The resultant wind blows away anything directly in front of the caster. Even a thick log cannot stand against the wind that blows. The spell deals no direct damage, but the effect of the spell is absolute.

Bomb Sprid (bomu supuriddo)
Also known as: Bomb Spread
Category: Shamanism / Fire
At first glance, this spell is similar to Fire Ball, but it delivers far less damage. The ball can be made to burst at any place the caster desires, though, making this spell is perfect for capturing fleeing enemies. Being a flash effect, no heat is released, so there is no need to worry about objects catching on fire.

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