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Gu Lu Douger (gu ru duuga)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Naga's original spell, this summons a Dimos Dragon, said to be only found in the Katart Mountain Ranges where the Demon King of the North lives. This dragon can only be damaged by powerful spirit-shamanist attacks or black magic. The dragon summoned in this way will not always obey the spell caster so caution is necessary.

Guumueon (guumuion)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Manipulating the Astral Plane, this spell surrounds the caster with a shield that completely shuts out all other spells. Since this spell is effective against all magical attacks, it is very powerful, but caution is necessary since objects like throwing daggers will easily pass through.

Guy la Douger (gai ra duuga)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Naga's original spell which summons a Plasma Dragon, known for its powerful electric breath. Since a Plasma Dragon is similar to a Water Dragon, this spell can only be cast near large bodies of water. Just like with all of Naga's other spells, the summoned dragon usually goes out of control.

Hell Blast (heru burasuto)
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell creates a spear of darkness which steals the life force of living beings. This power of darkness ends the effect of all sources of power, making it possible to destroy undead whose life depend on the dark powers.

Holy Bless (hoorii buresu)
Category: White
This spell dispells all low-level undead within a certain area around the caster. The spell's greatest strength is not the effect of the spell, but the area of effect of the spell: large enough to affect a small city. The spell has no effect on living things, so there's no need to worry about where to use the spell. However, this spell draws on so much magic power that it is impossible to cast this spell more than once a day.

Holy Resist (hoorii rezasuto)
Category: White
Not sure what this spell does yet, though it seems to put up a magical barrier against certain black magic and spirit-shamanism.

Howl Freeze (hauru furiizu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
The caster creates a powerful blizzard which deals frost damage to all targets within a certain area. The damage dealt will not be lethal, but it is extremely hard to avoid the spell. In addition, the frost makes it harder for those affected by the spell to move. The spell has visual impact and can be used to either hide from or to frighten enemies.

Icicle Lance (aishikuru ransu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spear of ice which is thrown at target. Created by fusing together arrows created by Freeze Arrow. Unlike Flare Lance, this spell can be used in towns because it doesn't cause objects to catch on fire.

Illusion (iryuujon)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which allows the spell-caster to send an image directly into a person's head. Since this illusion can only be seen by the spell-caster and target, there are many uses for this spell. While the illusion is being maintained, the spell-caster must concentrate and cannot cast other spells. This spell can be very powerful, but the problem is that while there seems to be a battle going on between the target and the spell-caster, the sight is rather laughable to onlookers as the image is only inside their heads.

Kyu Kyum Spin (kyukyumu supin)
Also known as: Sea Cucumber Spin
Category: Shamanism / Water
Note: Kyu-Kyum Spin is sometimes confused for Zelas-Gort, even in the official Slayers references.
This spell summons sea cucumbers from any nearby body of water. Its usefulness is limited to humiliating your opponent and procuring food if you're hungry.

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