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Laguna Blade (raguna bureedo)
Also known as: Ragna Blade
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell, an original creation of Lina Inverse, calls on the power of the Lord of Nightmares (Golden Demon Lord), which is much more powerful than Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. Darkness is formed between the caster's hands, which is then shaped into the form of a blade or trowel shape. Since the spell drains a tremendous ammount of magic power, the spell can only be cast when the caster is in dire need, and only then for a brief moment. Since the sealing of the Giga Slave, this spell is Lina's strongest spell. After learning about the true nature of the Lord of Nightmares from the Clair-Bible, more power can be utilized, at the consequence of a shorter spell duration.
"Lord of the Darkness and Four Worlds, I beseech thy fragments; by all of the power thou possesseth, grant the heavens' wrath to my hand; unleash the sword of dark, freezing nothingness; by our power, our combined might, let us walk as one along the path of destruction: LAGUNA BLADE!" (Retranslated by Xelloss)
"shikai no yami o suberu ou / nanji no kakera no enishi ni shitagai / nanjira subete no chikara mote / ware ni sarenaru chikara o atae yo / sora no imashime toki hanaterashi kohreru / kuroki utsuro no yaiba yo / waga chikara / waga mi to narite / tomo ni horobi no michi o ayaman... / RAGUNA BUREEDO!"

Laguna Blast (raguna burasuto)
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: No longer castable.
This spell calls on the power of Hellmaster Fibrizo, one of the five lords of Shabranigdu. With the target of the spell in the center of an inverted pentagram, a pillar of light shoots upwards, followed by black plasma which spills out of the pillar and envelops the victim. Since the source of this spell's power, Hellmaster Fibrizo, is no longer present, this spell can no longer be used.

Laphas Seed (rafasu shiido)
Category: White
This spell can completely prevent a target from moving by entangling them within magical ropes. A target affected by this spell cannot even cast magic. This spell requires no concentration to maintain and its effects last for a little less than an hour. (Thanks to Beast Master Xellos for help)

Levitation (rebiteeshon)
Category: Shamanism / Air
By manipulating wind, the caster gains the ability to levitate. After casting the spell, it is possible to rise or fall simply by willing it. This spell is very easy to control. It is possible to cast easy spells while casting this spell.

Lighting (raitingu)
Category: White
The spell creates a ball of light which is about as bright as a street lamp. Normally the duration of this spell is 2~3 hours, but by shortening the duration the spell can be made brighter. A blinding flash of light, for example, can be made by decreasing the duration to a split-second.
"Light which burns beyond crimson flame, let thy power gather in my hand! LIGHTING!"

Lock (rokku)
Category: White
This spell magically locks things such as doors and widows. Even doors without locks are shut tightly as though the door was nailed shut. This spell doesn't increace the strength of the acutal door, so entry is possible by simply breaking down the door.

Ly Briem (raiburimu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
A wave of freezing air shoots out from the extended hand of the caster; anything that is touched by the wave is frozen. Compared to Icicle Lance, which is also used against a single target, the range of this spell is short, but its effect is far more potent.

Mega Brand (mega burando)
Also known as: Mega Brunt
Category: Shamanism / Earth
The damage from this spell doesn't differ significantly from that of Dill Brand, but the area of effect has increased, making it possible to attack even more targets. Since the amount of dirt which flies up has increased, the spell's ability to cloud the visibility of opponents has also increased. The increased area of effect also means that party members have a greater chance of being victims of this spell, but hesitation in battle usually means losing anyways.

Mega Vraimer (mega vuraima)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
Note: Calls on both Earth and Spirit Shamanism.
Another of Naga's wonderful spell variants, this spell mixes spirit-shamanism with Vu Vraimer to create a humanoid golem with limited intelligence. However, the spirit's own intentions and desires can cause the caster to lose control of the golem.

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