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Dug Wave (dagu ueibu)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
Makes the earth below the target explode; the resultant shockwave deals damage to the target. Similar to Gray Bomb, but this spell can be used where there is no bare ground. As a result, the spell takes a little more time to cast.

Dust Chip (dasuto chippu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which shoots out numerous small arrows of ice about the size of the tip of a fingernail. The actual damage dealt is minimal, but the arrows hurt a lot. A good spell to use when the goal is to weaken the opponent's will to fight.

Dynast Brass (dainasuto burasu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Just like Dynast Breath, this spell also calls on the power of Dynast Grauscherra. Lightning falls around the target in a pentagram, and then the lightning rushes towards the target. Caution is necessary when the target is too close to the spellcaster because there's a chance that the caster will also be caught within the pentagram.

Dynast Breath (dainasuto buresu)
Category: Black / Offensive
A spell which calls on the power of Dynast Grauscherra, one of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu's five lords. This spell instantly freezes the target with ice (which can freeze even Mazoku) and, right after that, the frozen target is shattered along with the ice. By careful placement, though, it is possible to keep the target alive in ice.

Elmekia Flame (erumekia fureimu)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Stronger version of Elmekia Lance. Instead of a lance, a pillar about as wide as a man's chest is shot out. It deals no physical damage, but since it attacks from the Astral Plane, it can easily destroy the spirit of a man.

Elmekia Lance (erumekia ransu)
Also known as: Flash Lance
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which creates and fires a lance of light, which damages a target's spirit. This spell deals no physical damage, and even a direct hit only causes the target to fall unconscious for a period of time. A useful spell against spirit beings such as Mazoku.

Ext Ball (ekusuto booru)
Category: White
Spell created to extinguish flames. Since it isn't a very powerful spell, it isn't possible to extinguish flames over a wide area.

Fehlzareid (feruzareedo)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spiralling ray of light deals damage to a target. Since the spell doesn't travel in a straight path, it is harder to avoid than spells like Bram Blazer which travel in a straight line. Can deal enough damage to destroy a Brass Demon with a single hit.

Ferrous Bleed (ferisu buriido)
Also known as: Fehris Bleed, Fearous Bleed, Fertous Bleed (?)
Category: Black / Offensive
This is a summoning spell, which can be used to call animals to the caster's location. The animals are not controlled by the caster, they just have an overwhelming urge to go towards the caster. (Thanks to A. Rosteck and Avocado for clarification)
"Star which passes through heavens' night skies, heed the ancient coven and the Earth, I pledge my life that he may be called forth! FERROUS BLEED!"

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