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Raza Klouva (raza kurouva)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Flickering motes of light blow towards the target like a blizzard. The spell deals damage to both the spiritual and physical forms of a target. Avoiding this spell is nearly impossible to all but the most acrobatic.

Recovery (rikabarii)
Category: White
The spell heals the wounds of a target by maximizing the target's ability to regenerate. However, the spell's healing energy comes from the target so when this spell is used against a severely wounded target, the wound might heal, but the target might die of extreme exhaustion. In addition, when this spell is cast on a diseased target, the number of bacteria and virii increase as well, worsening the disease.
"Oh, blessed and humble hand of God, life and breath of Mother Earth, come before me and show your great compassion and deliver us: RECOVERY!"

Resurrection (rizarekushon)
Category: White
This spell heals the wound of a target by using the energy drawn from nearby life forms. There is a chance that a seriously wounded target might die if Recovery were cast, but this spell doesn't have that drawback. However, the casting time is longer, as compared to Recovery. A target who needs this spell will have to be healed with all possible speed.

Ruby-Eye Blade (rubii ai bureedo)
Category: Black / Offensive
A spell which calls on the power of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. The spell forms a crimson blade from the powerful magical energy released by the demon king. The blade is even more powerful than the legendary Sword of Light and can cut through anything in the world.

Rune Breaker (ruun bureikaa)
Category: White
By creating a ward in the shape of a pentagram, all magic within the pentagram is weakened. This spell does not depend on the skill of the caster, but instead depends on the size of the pentagram. The larger the ward, the weaker offensive spells and unnatural enchantments become.

Rune Flare (ruun furea)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
Creates a flaming spear by drawing power directly from the fire spirit. This spell is slightly weaker than Burst Flare, but it is the strongest fire spirit magic which can only effect a single target. Since the spell is pure energy, rather than flame, there is no need to worry about objects catching on fire.

Scatter-Bleed (sukattaa buriddo)
Also known as: Scatter Brid
Category: Shamanism / Air
This spell calls forth several dozen spheres of energy which swarm towards the opponent in annoying waves. The energy is electrical in nature, though damage is negligible.

Sea Blast (shiiburasuto)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which causes a large wave to appear on the surface of water, which could easily capsize a mid-sized ship. The problem is, in order for this spell to work, the caster must have his/her hand placed on the surface of water. In addition, this spell only affects things on the surface and will have no effect against anything underneath the water.

Shadow Snap (shadoo sunappu)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Spell which holds a target by manipulating the Astral Plane through the knife pierced in the target's shadow. A target affected by this spell can do nothing except cast spells. However, in a place where there are no shadows or when for some reason the target's shadow temporarily disappears, the effects of the spell ends. So, by using spells such as Lighting and Fireball to temporarily erase your shadow, the effects of the spell can be negated.

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