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Shadow Web (shadou uebu, shadou uebbu)
Also known as: Shadow Wave
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Picture courtesy of Kimberly
The caster's shadow stretches out like tentacles, which, by piercing the shadow of the target, brings about the same effect as Shadow Snap. It is possible to hold multiple targets by creating several tentacles at once. Can be negated the same way as Shadow Snap.

Sleeping (suriipingu)
Category: White
Makes creatures withing a certain area fall asleep. Those affected by this spell will stay asleep for about half a day, even if a dragon roars or a banshee screams. This spell is not taught at the Guilds because it can be used for criminal activities; it must be constructed by the would be caster.

Swightflange (suaitofurangu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Fog spreads out from the spellcaster, resulting in reduced visibility for both friends and foes. Mainly used when escaping from battle. Against enemies who use attacks that that aren't visible, such as wind attacks, the fog makes it possible to see the path of the attack.

Telepathy (terepashii)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
Spell which allows communication with people without the use of spoken words. This technically isn't a spell, but is more like something a person has to be born with. Since words are unnecessary, at first glance this spell seems useful, but there are problems such as the fact that the other person knows what you're thinking.

Unlock (anrokku)
Category: White
Opens things like locked windows and doors. Even a door closed by Lock can be opened using this spell. Since this spell can be cast simply by memorizing the words, this spell is not taught at the Mage Guild.

Val-Flare (varu furea)
Also known as: Va Ru Flare
Category: Shamanism / Fire
At first glance it looks like an enlarged Flare Arrow, but upon contact it causes a tremendous explosion and deals a tremendous amount of damage. It can be used against living beings, and also to open holes in ceilings. Care is needed when casting this spell in a wooden building because the building could catch on fire.

Valmaceid (varumashiido)
Category: White
A spell which has high defensive properties against the elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. It is possible to enchant armor with this spell. However, the components required for the casting of the spell are expensive.

Van Rehl (van reiru)
Also known as: Van Rail
Category: Shamanism / Water
Strings of ice spread out from the spellcaster's hand placed against a wall, along the ceiling, floor, and walls. The target(s) who are touched by these strings soon turn into statues of ice. This is one of the few large-area spells that can be used in passages.
"Holy wind, wind which flows gently across the land, let all things be filled with your pure breath. VAN REHL!"

Vas Gluudo (vasu guruudo)
Category: White
A spell which creates a magic barrier the size of a small shield. It is effective against all types of magic and doesn't take much time to cast, so it is a well-balanced defensive spell.

Vice Flare (vaisu furea)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A stronger version of Val-Flare. Both fire power and the area, upon contact, the explosion can affect have increased. With this spell, it is possible to open a hole in a wall through which an upright man can walk through. However, since the flames spread out over a wide area, using this spell indoors endangers the spellcaster.

Vice Freeze (vaisu furiizu)
Category: Shamanism / Water
The ice counterpart of Burst Flare; a ball of ice appears in the targeted area, which then bursts, covering the surrounding area in ice. This spell is the strongest ice magic.

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