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Slayers Magic: Part 2

An Introduction For The Beginner

What is Needed to Cast Spells?

Basically, everyone in the Slayers world has the ability to cast spells, but in order to cast spells successfully, a number of components are necessary. With spirit magic and black magic, the spell's chant and occasionally some kind of gestures are necessary. To cast high level white magic, it is necessary to serve one of the gods as a priest or priestess.

Places to Learn Magic

The main organization where the use of spells is taught is at the various Mage Guilds ([an error occurred while processing this directive]Ʊζ). At the guilds, the results of experiments with shamanist and black magic have been gathered, making it possible to learn almost anything, from the basics of magic to the most recent magical theories. Many youths at the Mage Guilds are working hard to become full fledged sorcerers and sorceresses.

To learn white magic, though, it is necessary to go to the temples to become a priest or priestess. There, it is possible to learn spells, through much training.

Changing the effects of spells

Variations of Shamanism

By combining the power of two or more spirits, it is possible to create a new spell which has the power of both spirits.

Variations of Black Magic and Chaos Words

To change the effects of black magic, understanding of chaos words is necessary. By understanding the true meaning of the spell, it is possbile to construct a new spell.

The relationship between Magic and Magical Energy

Casting spells requires the channeling of magical energy. Each time spells are cast, the amount of magical energy available to the mage decreases. When no more magical energy is left, spells can no longer be cast. Lost magical energy can be recovered by resting.

Each person has a maximum capacity of magical energy which they can utilize; this maximum capacity differs from person to person. For example, Lina's maximum capacity is high enough to allow her to cast the Dragu Slave spell repeatedly, but lesser mages might not be able to do so. However, Lina cannot cast spells such as Blast Bomb because she can not channel enough magical energy by herself. Lina's Demon's Blood Talismans are useful items that temporarily increases a person's magical energy beyond their maximum capacity.

Magical energy also depends on the physical condition of the sorcerer/sorceress. The most common example is the decrease in a sorceress' magical energy a few days before and after "that day." During this time, a sorceress' maximum magical energy decreases, as does the effect of her spells. Some cannot cast spells at all.

Mazoku have both far superior maximum capacities than humans. To defeat Mazoku using magic alone has proven extremely difficult.

Mages and the Mage Guild

Mages with Color Titles

Mages with important positions in a Mage Guild have a title of color. The color a mage has is unrelated to skill or rank (relative to other colored mages); it is simply an honorific.

Types of Mages

The two general types are adventuring mages, like Lina, and research mages, who stay at the guilds. Which type a person becomes depends on the individual's taste.

The Purpose of Mage Guilds

The purpose of Mage Guilds is to serve as research centers for mages and communication centers between mages. Here there are various items necessary for research.

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